Summer Ready: Grilling Like a Pro

“Grill two steaks anyway you like. When you think they are perfect, let one rest and cut into the other. You should notice the steak that didn’t rest will bleed out a lot of juices, the steak will appear undercooked (very pink) in the center and I’m guessing the meat will be chewy. (This is why it is a bad idea to cut into a steak or any meat for that matter to test its doneness. You bleed out the juices that keep it moist.)

Let the other steak rest for 5 – 10 minutes and then cut into it. There should be a lot less juice bleeding out, the meat will be more even in color and it should be tenderer than the other piece.

If you have an instant thermometer, see what the internal temperature of the steaks are. Is your medium-rare steak at the correct temperature or is it overcooked? Using an instant thermometer and knowing your desired temperature can help you prepare perfect steaks every time. You just have to take it out of the drawer and use it.”

This information was sourced from –

How Do You Know When The Meat Is Done?


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Well Done offers 100% hands-on cooking classes in the Greater Houston Area. We are the only ones who offer this method of teaching 100% of the time. Not only do you get the attention you deserve, but you also get to eat as much food as you want, not just samples. You are able to bring your own wine or beer to class (if you would like). The cozy environment of Chef Celeste's kitchen lets students feel at ease, as if they were in their own kitchen - not an industrial or commercial kitchen. We are more than willing to: - accommodate private parties - travel for a private party or special event - design custom gift certificates for special occasions - design a public class just for you (so you can afford it!) At Well Done, all we strive to do is make YOU happy!
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