Don’t Overcrowd Your Pan

“When roasting or browning anything, the tendency is to cram as much in the pan as possible – resist!  Do it in smaller batches instead. Crowding the pan leads to steaming and lowers the temperature of the pan so you won’t get the caramelization you’re looking for – and that’s where the flavor is!”  This is especially important in our Three Course Dinner – Scallops class.  We want the scallops to have that perfect color and taste every time!

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“Bad habit #3: You crowd the pan

“If you’re looking for a nice, brown crispiness to the outside of your food, don’t put too much in your pan at once. When cooking meat or tofu, adding too much to the pan at once causes the temperature of the pan to drop quickly, resulting in the food sticking to the pan. In the case of vegetables, if you add a pile of them to a hot pan, they are more likely to steam and become soggy as opposed to browned. So consider cooking in batches to avoid sticking and steaming.”

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Well Done offers 100% hands-on cooking classes in the Greater Houston Area. We are the only ones who offer this method of teaching 100% of the time. Not only do you get the attention you deserve, but you also get to eat as much food as you want, not just samples. You are able to bring your own wine or beer to class (if you would like). The cozy environment of Chef Celeste's kitchen lets students feel at ease, as if they were in their own kitchen - not an industrial or commercial kitchen. We are more than willing to: - accommodate private parties - travel for a private party or special event - design custom gift certificates for special occasions - design a public class just for you (so you can afford it!) At Well Done, all we strive to do is make YOU happy!
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